The Weed Coins (WEED) is a functional "Utility Token" which is a product used within its platform or software application.

Weed Coins (WEED) Presale Terms:
Presale members accept the following terms.
All Weed Coins will be sent to your My Ether Wallet key upon account and payment verification. For purchases made with crypto currencies, your Weed Coins will only be sent to the "key" sending the payment.

The minimum purchase qty is 10,000 WEED Coins
10% Bonus for all purchases over 100,000 Coins.
25% Bonus for all purchases over 500,000 Coins.
The total presale qty is 100,000,000 Weed Coins (WEED)
All purchases are non-refundable once sale complete.

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Phone Number
Phone verification will be done.
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QTY purchase
10 WEED = $1.00 usd
Please Note: If you place and order and do not make prompt payment and we sell out the Weed Coins (WEED) presale, your order may not result in the total qty of Weed Coins (WEED) ordered.